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Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers - SWMO, offering physical therapy and employer services in Joplin, Webb City and Nevada, Missouri, offers a wide range of specialized services such as drug testing, strength testing and ergonomic assessments.

These include, but are not limited to:

Physical Capacity Profile® Testing

Physical Capacity Profile® Testing (http://www.pcpworks.com/) is a patented testing system that will help you reduce employee injuries and claims.

It is designed to ensure that employees are physically able to perform the job they are hired to do. This non-biased testing delivered by our trained and certified team allows you to increase productivity and lower workers’ compensation and insurance premiums.

The test report, which thoroughly documents the employee’s physical condition, is confidential.

Specifically, we offer:

  • Post offer strength testing
  • Baseline strength testing of existing employees
  • Fit 4 Duty strength testing for employees returning from extended injury or illness

Here is what some of our clients say about it:

“We implemented the Physical Capacity ProfileR Testing believing it would produce the results as Industrial PT promised, and after the first year of testing we definitely saw results! Our company was averaging two to 12 injuries a year prior to implementing the testing. After the first year of testing one to two employees a week, we had NO musculoskeletal injuries in any of these employees. The system has allowed our company to hire employees that we knew had the physical ability to do the job. Hiring employees with the physical ability to do the job has reduced injuries and saved our company money.” – J.

“We have finally found a comprehensive package that helps our company hire physically fit people and a system that helps in many ways after an injury occurs Most of all it will help our company save money with respect to Workers’ Comp settlements.” – J.

“We have been using Industrial Physical Therapy’s PCP process for new hires, post accident, job transfers and fit for duty for almost two years. The Physical Capacity ProfileR Testing has given us objective data, which includes physical job requirements and employee physical capabilities. This information assists our company in job safety awareness and in making decisions for correct job placement of employees within our company. Correct job placement of employees has helped us to ensure the safety of our employees. The knowledge that the PCP process brings to our company has had a huge impact on our injuries that have occurred at the plant by giving us baseline data on employees. That way, if they are injured, we pay for our injury only and not the other disabilities employees may have. I highly recommend the PCP program at Industrial Physical Therapy.” – L.

DOT Services

Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers - SWMO’s team of specially trained and licensed technicians can help your company comply with employee testing mandated by the United States Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Specially, our services include:

  • The testing of your entire staff according to DOT regulations
  • DOT drug screen services
  • DOT breath alcohol testing services

We are specially trained in these federal rules and the essential procedures of testing, frequency of tests, and substances to test for.

Hearing Services

Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers - SWMO offers hearing tests of employees (audiogram testing) in our clinics or onsite at your place of business.

Job Descriptions

The specialists at Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers - SWMO will conduct onsite reviews to determine the physical requirements of a job. We use our skills along with a force gauge to determine the actual forces of specific job tasks.

We then categorize jobs according to one of the five levels as mandated by the federal Department of Labor standards.

We will make recommendations to assist employers in reducing forces associated with certain job tasks.

This process is also a key component to physical ability testing.

Ergonomic Consultation

Our Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist (CEAS) will work with employers to look at ergonomic risk factors, report ways to reduce or eliminate risk factors, and assist employees in implementing an ergonomic program.

Employee Training

We offer a number of employee training programs delivered by a specially trained team at Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers - SWMO. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Work-n-Stretch Program: This is an exercise program specifically designed for each work area with pictures, instruction and training to each individual employee or training to supervisors to train each employee.
  • Body Mechanics and Lifting Technique Training: We provide instruction and training of proper body mechanics and lifting techniques for each work area.
  • Safety Training: We give instruction and training on how to become a safer work environment and on ways to reduce injuries and how to reduce forces associated with job tasks.

Physical Therapy

When you select Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers - SWMO to deliver post-injury physical therapy to your employees, you get effective treatments coupled with detailed, understandable documentation so you as an employer can assess your employee’s progress.

That is coupled with an excellence in our quality of care. We are distinguished by the high number of employers and case managers who specifically request our services because of our effective therapy coupled with our detailed approach to the Workers’ Compensation process.

Our three locations, in Joplin, Webb City and Nevada, deliver the same consistency of care and documentation, providing options for care in our region of Missouri.


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