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“What do I need to do to be seen by a therapist with IPT?” You must have a prescription from your referring physician for Physical Therapy.

“Are you affiliated with Freeman or Mercy Hospital?” No. IPT is an independent and therapist owned private practice for physical therapy, but we will accept referrals from doctors at these hospitals.  Ask them if you can complete your physical therapy with IPT and they will send you!!

“What insurance do you accept?” We work with most insurance companies. We are a participating provider with BCBS.

“Do you accept Medicare and Medicaid?” We are a Medicare provider. We accept Missouri Medicaid for children only under the age of 21.

“What do I need to wear when I come to therapy?” Loose comfortable clothing (such as sweats) and tennis shoes work best.

“What time do I arrive for my appointment?” Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your appointment for paperwork.

“How long does PT last each time?” Your initial evaluation will be at least 1 hour and daily visits will be 30 minutes to 1 hour.

“What do I need to bring on my first visit?” You should bring your driver’s license, insurance cards, list of prescription medications and personal medical history list.

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