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Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers - SWMO, offering physical therapy and employer services in Joplin, Webb City and Nevada, Missouri, offers a wide range of physical therapy services to patients. These include, but are not limited to:


Our goals for patients with arthritis include helping you improve your mobility and restore the use of affected joints. We work to increase your strength to support your joints as well as maintain fitness levels and the ability to perform the tasks of daily living.

Our customized exercise programs will help you improve flexibility, strength, balance and coordination to function to the best of your ability.

We will also illustrate how to properly use assistive devices such as walkers and canes. In some instances, we will also recommend different treatment initiatives such as splints and braces to support your joints, or shoe inserts to relieve stress on the lower extremities.

We work with hot and cold therapy to ease joint pain and stiffness.

Our experienced physical therapists may also suggest how your environment can be modified as in adding ergonomic chairs or cushioned mats to relieve pain.

Back and neck pain

Back and neck pain are the number one reason patients seek physical therapy in the United States.

Chronic pain in these areas or acute pain from injuries or the sudden onset of symptoms can seriously impact your ability to go about your daily routines and enjoy a full quality of life.

Our process starts with a thorough examination to determine the cause of your pain followed by delivery and discussion of a customized plan to help restore you to pain-free living.

The treatment plan offered will include a series of exercises to not only heal the current problem but to prevent the issues from recurring.

Balance and falls

If you suffer from frequent falls, vertigo, imbalance, dizziness, or migraines, you may be experiencing a problem with your main balance system (your vestibular system).

It is important to receive proper therapy to avoid compounding the difficulties caused by imbalance issues, including a tendency to fall and create more injuries.

Dizziness and imbalance issues can take away your independence and curtail your ability to live a full life. We have success with a variety of therapies that help us get to the root cause of your problem, and work to solve it.

Joint Pain

Joint pain can severely hinder your quality of life, making it difficult to move around doing normal activities and preventing you from being comfortable at rest.

While medication can ease pain and inflammation in a joint, a course of physical therapy is the best method to restore mobility to the area. If mobility can be restored early in your treatment program, your overall results will be greatly enhanced.

We use a variety of techniques to help you deal with joint pain including joint and soft tissue mobilization.

Motor Vehicle Accident injuries

From head injuries to whiplash to musculoskeletal issues we will work with your physician, insurance provider and other team members to assist in your recovery following a motor vehicle accident.

Our goal is to assess your injuries, discuss and then prescribe a course of physical therapy for you, and help you recover as quickly and thoroughly as possible.


Our staff is specially trained in orthopedics, the science of correcting injuries and conditions that impact the skeletal system and its associated joints, muscles and ligaments.

With the use of evidence-based therapy, a combination of hands-on manual therapy and modalities, we work to get you pain-free and back to your normal level of activity as quickly as possible.

Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Research has shown that having physical therapy both before and after a joint replacement surgery will speed up healing and lead to a full recovery.

We are knowledgeable about joint replacement surgery and other surgeries and will work with your surgeon and physician as a team to determine the most effective therapy for you.

Our goal is to help you increase strength, activity and range of motion so that you can return to a normally active life as quickly as possible without recurring problems.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive strain injuries, often referred to as overuse syndrome, includes a broad variety of conditions that result when you use one part of your body in a repetitious manner.

Workers on an assembly line or on computers, athletes who succumb to golfer’s shoulder or tennis elbow, and musicians and photographers are particularly prone to this problem. Even people who play video games for an extended period of time may be vulnerable to it.

It simply means that one part of the body is injured from over-exertion. This condition often focuses on a joint and affects the muscle, bone, tendon or bursa of the joint.

Repetitive strain injuries can be effectively treated with physical therapy.

Sports injuries

At Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers - SWMO we treat high school, college and recreational athletes who have sustained sports injuries.

Our goal is to determine the cause of the injury, reduce pain and inflammation and begin the healing process. We also strive to educate the athlete to prevent recurring injuries.

Sports injuries we commonly treat include runner’s knees, golfer’s shoulder, tennis elbow and sprains, strains and fractures.

We aim to get you healed and back to enjoying the sport of your choice as quickly as possible.

Workplace injuries

Physical therapists at Industrial PT will work with your physician and Workers’ Compensation to deliver a program

of therapy that will lead to your recovery from workplace injuries with a goal of returning to work as quickly as possible.

Sometimes that includes a graduated return to the workplace along with ergonomic counselling to ensure that the problem does not reoccur.

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